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Discover the Power of Eastek Batteries

Elevate your business with our advanced lithium and sodium cells.


Eastek offers reliable maintenance support for optimal battery performance and longevity.


Our expert team ensures seamless installation of lithium and sodium cell systems.


We provide tailored consultations to meet your specific energy storage needs.

Lithium and Sodium Cell Solutions

Discover our range of high-capacity lithium and sodium cells for industrial applications.

Custom Energy Storage Systems

Tailored energy storage solutions to fit your business needs.

Advanced Battery Installation Services

Professional installation of high-efficiency energy storage batteries.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Keep your systems running smoothly with our expert maintenance.

Energy Efficiency and Analysis

Optimize your energy usage with our analysis and efficiency services.

Innovative Energy Applications

Explore cutting-edge applications and technologies in renewable energy.

How it works
Assess Your Needs

Our team evaluates your energy storage requirements.

Develop Your Plan

Get a detailed budget estimate tailored to your project.

Implement the Solution

Work with us to create a customized energy solution.

Lauch prototype project

Launch your energy storage project with confidence.

Why Choose us


Quality, Innovation, and Expertise.

Expertise in Battery Technology

Benefit from our extensive knowledge in lithium and sodium cell technology.

Commitment to Quality

We ensure top-tier reliability and performance in all our products.

Tailored Solutions

Receive customized energy storage solutions for your business.

Environmental Responsibility

Partner with us for sustainable and eco-friendly energy options.

Who we are

Keep your environment clean make the earth green.

Eastek: Powering a Sustainable Future.

Industrial Battery Solutions

Offering robust lithium and sodium cells for diverse industrial applications.

Renewable Energy Consulting

Providing expert advice on energy storage and efficiency.

Energy Optimization Services

Helping you achieve maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

Eastek Power

Invest in quality energy storage solutions today.

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